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Become a triple threat with Australia’s top dance and performing arts school. Accepting students from Sydney & Greater New South Wales.

Dance World Studios has been training aspiring ​dancers​ from around Australia since 1987. From dedicated dancers to​ musical theatre performers​ dreaming of taking the stage, Dance World Studios has helped hundreds of talented individuals reach their full potential and their dreams.
While our vocational performing arts and ​dance school is based in Melbourne​, we accept students​ committed to forging a career in professional dance ​from all over Australia, including students from Sydney and greater New South Wales.

Why study dance and performing arts in Melbourne?

In 2019, ​Melbourne was named Australia’s creative hub​ – just topping the list above Sydney. Melbourne is a hot spot for the arts in Australia and there are ​a wide range of opportunities​ for talented ​performers​ to pursue a career in dance, acting, or even musical theatre.

So, Melbourne is the perfect place to learn the foundations of dance and musical theatre, then pursue further vocational training with a full time dance or musical theatre course. You will be learning in Australia’s ​arts​ capital,​ surrounded by a community passionate about performing arts and access to some of Australia’s top industry creatives & professionals.
At Dance World Studios in Melbourne, our students strive to refine their ​artistic​ skills and become some of the best dancers in Australia. We offer a wide range of full time and part time dance courses, from a ​Certificate III in Dance​ to ​Diploma of Dance​.

Australia’s premier performing arts school accepting students from Sydney

Along with rigorous ​full-time​ and ​part time dance courses​, we offer state-of-the-art performing arts courses for performers looking to hit the stage.
Performing arts requires discipline, commitment and ongoing training, from dance to acting and vocal training. The entertainment industry no longer accepts performers based on their passion for the arts – now, you need to have proven skills, a high level of fitness, and creative excellence to make a lasting impression.
Our dance and performing arts tutors are dedicated practitioners who will train and guide students to reach their full potential. ​Through our musical theatre department at APO Arts Academy​, we offer intensive performing arts training and ​musical theatre courses​ covering off singing, acting and dancing in one incredible course.

How do I apply for a place at Dance World Studios?

In order to become a full or part-time student of Dance World Studios, we require an application via audition. We accept auditions both in person or via video submission if you’re living out-of-state or in New Zealand. ​
Note: we do not take international students at this time, however, students from New Zealand are welcome to apply​.
We select students based on dance abilities, physical fitness, and potential to pursue a career in either musical theatre or dance.
We recommend submitting an application ASAP – we have limited spaces available in each course!


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