Dance World Studios has been training Australia’s best dancers
for more than twenty-five years.

Established in 1987, Dance World Studios, a division of APO Arts Academy, is one of Australia’s premier performing arts training institutions. The Dance World Studios strategy is two-fold. Success is built first in developing raw talent, not only to meet industry requirements but also to inspire and encourage students to achieve their individual artistic potential. The vehicle to take it to this level is our team. We are fortunate to have a teaching faculty of international & national reputations to deliver the course requirements, and instill a sense of integrity & inspiration to the students. Supported by an administration team with outstanding track records in arts management, we have a broad understanding of the nature and dynamics of the professional industry.

Dance World Studios has emerged in a short time as a key player in the provision of artistic talent for a range of ballet & dance companies, theatrical productions & commercial events in Australia and overseas. On stage & screen, our graduate students are our ambassadors on a global scale. Dance World Studios is closely linked to a broader corporate entity, which includes the resources of Colors Events & Entertainment, APO Arts Academy, APO International Management and Pop Embassy Production and Recordings. These companies provide synergy with the management and grooming of artists for the professional entertainment industry.