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Executive Director & Founder

From the emotional lyricism of classical ballet to the streetwise, punchy dynamics of modern jazz, dance is art that transcends all boundaries. It has the power to communicate and express much about the human nature and our collective condition. Unrestricted by barriers of language or culture, it seeks to elevate and transcend both the performer and the audience. Beyond the special relationship struck on stage and the theatre, dance is movement accessible to us all, in some shape or form, and its universal history is as old and as fundamental as human civilization itself.

Dance World Studios was established in 1987 with a vision. This vision was to provide young people with an opportunity to realise their dreams through the founding of a vocationally oriented dance training institution. From this, time Dance World Studios has developed and grown and is now recognised as one of the leading dance training institutions in Australia, offering accredited courses in classical ballet and performing arts. With this growth, we have never lost sight of our basic mission: to train, groom and nurture the artists of tomorrow. There is an unashamed spirit at Dance World Studios in which we all participate and take pride. Whilst the studios and facilities are important, Dance World Studios is much more than the “bricks, mirrors and timber”. It is the staff and the students’ collective sense of dedication and commitment that makes Dance World Studios truly special.

During your time with us as a student we will teach you the art of dance and performance. We see this as a time to share with you a most important experience. A time to help prepare you for the rest of your professional career and beyond. We hope that the mark of success of our time together will be measured, not only by the quality of our performers, but by the type of artists and people they become.