Dance Courses Canberra

Australia’s number one dance school for kids and adults. Accepting students from Canberra & Greater ACT.

Thousands of Australians dream of pursuing a career in dance and musical theatre – but making it in the performing arts requires a high level of skill, passion, experience and excellence which is often hard to come by.

At Dance World Studios, we’re dedicated to training and moulding the next generation of professional dancers and musical theatre stars. With Australia’s most widely experienced and recognised team of ​dance teachers​, you will learn the skills required to make it in the performing arts, from foundations to diploma level learning.

While our vocational dance school is located in Melbourne, we take applicants from all over Australia including Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory. While there are multiple dance schools in Canberra, none compare to the high level of dance training you can achieve with Dance World Studios.

Why study dance and performing arts in Melbourne?

Over the years, Melbourne has become one of Australia’s top creative capitals – truly the lifeblood of all things dance, musical theatre, comedy, music, and more. Should you decide to relocate to Melbourne from Canberra, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals pursuing their passion for the performing arts.

Additionally, you’ll receive the best dance training Australia has to offer. Our dance teachers and instructors bring unique specialities to the classroom, and are dedicated to giving you the resources necessary to transition from student to artist and/or performer.

You will also make connections with industry professionals thanks to guest speakers, instructors and lecturers from all over the world. From musical directors to vocal training specialists, you will learn from the industry’s finest and have the chance to make an impression with the people who matter.

We have programs to suit all skill-levels, schedules and age-groups, including part-time​ and​ full-time dance courses​. We support students learning the basics and foundation of dance, all the way up to diploma level learning.

Australia’s premier performing arts school accepting students from Canberra

Thinking a little less dance and more “all that jazz”? We also offer a range of rigorous musical theatre courses​ for students looking to make it on the big stage!

Through our musical theatre department, you’ll learn three core disciplines: singing, acting and dancing. To support these skills, you will learn the history of musical theatre, music theory, and keyboard skills at both diploma and foundational levels.

How do I apply for a place at Dance World Studios?

To become a part or full-time student of Dance World Studios, we require application via audition. We accept auditions in person or via video submission if you’re living out-of-state.

You will be selected based on your existing dance skills and abilities, physical fitness, raw talent, and potential to make it in the performing arts. Better be quick – places are filling up fast!


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