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For teens, up to advanced level
1 year


This course is ideal for late teens and students currently in high school. The one year course is designed to provide preparatory training for students seeking to achieve a high level of competency in dance, with a view to pursuing a career in musical theatre or commercial dance.
The syllabus has several core subjects and is supplemented by a range of electives. Classical ballet and jazz dance form the foundations of the course and provide introductory technical training in dance and other allied performing arts subjects.


Part-time basis – Saturdays
  • Jazz Dance
  • Classical Ballet
  • Hip-hop Dance
  • Tap Dance
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Song & Dance
Students may undertake additional classes to enhance their development as performers, including:
  • Solo Vocal lessons
  • Introduction to Acting
  • Basic Acrobatics
  • Piano & Music Theory Lessons

Additional fees will apply for the above lessons. Contact the Administrator for more information. These classes are optional only and are not formally assessed as part of the course.

Dance Student Auditioning


Entry is by audition. Applications are now welcome for this year’s intake. Interstate & NZ applicants may audition by electronic submission through YouTube or Vimeo. Go to AUDITION page.


The Dance World Studios / APO Arts Academy faculty is a cohesive team of professional and creative personnel, performers, lecturers & instructors, all of whom bring creativity, inspiration and a world of experience into the classroom. Each faculty member is a professional in their respective field of expertise, and dedicated to giving students the resources necessary to help them make the transition from ‘student’ to ‘artist & performer’.
Photos of our dance teachers on our teachers wall