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Refine your dance skills with one of Australia’s top dance schools. Accepting students from Darwin & Greater Northern Territory.

Dreaming of a successful career in dance? Audition for the premier dance school in Melbourne, now taking students from Darwin and the Greater Northern Territory.

Dance Would Studios has been training motivated dancers to become professionals since 1987. Offering the highest level of vocational training in dance, we have helped mould and transform the skills of hundreds of highly successful dancers who now work in film, television, and on the stage.

The entertainment industry is highly competitive – if you wish to succeed, you must have the best training available to meet demand. For this, you need Dance World Studios in Melbourne.

Why study dance and performing arts in Melbourne?

While the Northern Territory is famous for vast red deserts and scorching heat, Melbourne is fast becoming one of the creative capitals of the world.

Home to thousands of aspiring dancers, actors, singers, artists, and more, you will live amongst some of the most creative and inspired individuals in Australia.

Additionally, you will learn and train under some of the most experienced ​dance tutors in the country. Each member of our performing arts faculty brings their own expertise to the classroom and dedicate their careers to giving students the resources needed to help them make the transition from “student” to “artist & performer”.

You will receive rigorous training – either ​full-time​ or part-time, depending on your availability – in a range of dance styles including classical ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and even acrobatics to ensure you are ready to take on the competitive nature of the entertainment industry, both here and around the world.

You will be pushed to succeed by a team of creative personnel, performers, lecturers and instructors. Our goal is to help you achieve your dream!

Australia’s premier performing arts school accepting students from Darwin

As well as elite dance training, we also offer part-time and ​full-time courses in musical theatre​. Through our musical theatre department, APO Arts Academy, you will learn the foundations of singing, dancing and acting, all absolutely essential skills for the musical theatre industry.

In our s​hort musical theatre course​, you will learn the basics of these three skills, along with a range of potential performing arts programs including ensemble vocals, acting and improvisation, jazz dance, song and dance, hip-hop dance, and of course, performance.

Alternatively, in our full-time course, our tutors will foster and refine your skills in singing, dancing and acting, and you’ll take on allied theoretical units like the history of musical theatre, music theory, and keyboard skills, at both diploma and foundational levels.

These are the essential requirements to work in the entertainment industry both here and abroad.

How do I apply for a place at Dance World Studios?

Note: we do not take international students at this time, however, students from New Zealand are welcome to apply.

The performing arts requires a certain level of creativity, dance ability, physical fitness, and the drive to succeed. At Dance World Studio, we need to see your skill and passion in motion – so to join our exclusive ​dance school in Melbourne​, we require application via audition, or via video submission if you’re still living interstate or in New Zealand.

To apply for Dance World Studios, follow the steps below or select “AUDITION”. Be quick – limited places are available!

Complete the online application form.

● Once received, the Administrator will notify you of the audition details.

● Prepare for your audition. ​The requirements can be found on this page.


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