Dance World Studios offers scholarships
to talented dancers and actors throughout
Australia & New Zealand.

Dance World Studios is committed to identifying and assisting emerging dance and musical theatre artists who are at the outset of their careers or at the early stages of professional development. Scholarship awards are offered to supporting students who demonstrate exceptional talent and commitment to achieve their highest potential in dance and/or musical theatre, through limited merit-based scholarship awards. While the financial difficulty is taken into consideration, final decisions are primarily awarded on the basis of achievement, exceptional ability and potential to forge a career within the professional dance, musical theatre and entertainment industries. Internal students and external applicants are considered for the scholarship awards, which are determined by a panel.


• Father Bob Maguire A.M. Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship
• Father Bob Maguire A.M. Achievement Scholarship
• Colors Scholarship
• APO Arts Academy Encouragement Scholarship
• Dance World Studios Encouragement Scholarship
• Audition Scholarships

In addition, scholarship awards are awarded at the end of the school year to junior and senior students, who have achieved high standards within their relevant age groups.

Dance World Studios offers bursaries and scholarships to a variety of competitions throughout Australia.

Message from
Patron of Dance World Studios | APO Arts Academy

In my capacity as Chairman of The Father Bob Maguire Foundation (FBMF) and other charity organizations I have been involved in, I have witnessed the effect of marginalization and homelessness on the youth of today. Unfortunately, many deny themselves a future as a result of various social issues including low self-esteem, substance abuse, lack of direction &/or family breakdown. Dance World Studios understands the FBMF mission and similarly, strives to empower young people to take control of their lives by arming them with knowledge.

I have worked in the South Melbourne and St Kilda areas for over thirty years with victims of social disease and the contrast between this world and Dance World Studios is striking. Of course, no school, organization or individual is impervious to these afflictions, however, Dance World Studios encourages its young to challenge themselves and to focus on a greater goal.