Push yourself to the next level with a Certificate III in Dance.
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Duration: 1 years, full-time


This one year course is designed to provide preparatory training for students seeking to achieve a high level of competency in dance, with a view to pursuing a career in musical theatre or commercial dance. Graduates of this course often consider auditioning for Dance World’s Diploma of Dance courses as a means of furthering their training and professional development.

The Certificate syllabus has several core subjects and is supplemented by a range of electives. Classical ballet and jazz dance form the foundations of the course and provide introductory technical training in dance and other allied performing arts subjects.


CUADAN305 Increase depth of jazz dance technique
CUADAN306 Increase depth of ballet dance technique
CUADAN308 Increase depth of contemporary dance technique
CUADAN309 Increase depth of street dance technique
CUADAN311 Increase depth of tap dance technique
CUAPRF306 Develop musical theatre techniques
CUAACT402 Develop acting techniques for musical theatre
CUACHR301 Develop basic dance composition skills
CUADAN202 Incorporate artistic expression into basic dance performances
CUADAN301 Integrate rhythm in dance or movement technique
CUAIND301 Work effectively in the creative arts industry
CUAPRF307 Develop performance techniques
CUAWHS301 Condition the body for dance performance

Qualification Description

This qualification is a preparatory qualification that allows learners to develop basic technical skills and knowledge to prepare for work in the live performance industry.

Entry Requirements

There are no skills pre-requisites, however, applicants are required to attend an audition in person. Minimum age is 14 years old.


Private auditions are conducted throughout the year and as limited places are available in the course, applicants are advised to audition at their earliest convenience.

Training Days

Part-time basis – Saturdays

Optional classes

Students may undertake additional classes to enhance their development as performers, including:

Solo Vocal lessons
Introduction to Acting
Song & Dance Classes
Contemporary Dance Classes
Basic Acrobatics
Piano & Music Theory Lessons

Additional fees will apply for the above lessons. Contact the Administrator for more information. These classes are optional only and are not formally assessed as part of the Certificate course.