Duration: 1 year, part-time
Delivered under the auspices of ADPI RTO#1476


In keeping with our commitment to offer students quality education in the Performing Arts, Dance World Studios is also offering part-time courses to young students with a vocational focus. The Certificate II in Dance is offered on a part-time basis and designed for students who concurrently undertake secondary education or are thinking of pursuing formal dance training. It specifically concentrates on developing dance skills, affording students greater versatility on completion of the course. Employing the resources of Dance World Studios’ established full-time dance courses, the Dance World Studios / APO Arts Academy faculty is a cohesive team of professional and creative personnel, performers, lecturers& instructors, all of whom bring creativity, inspiration and a world ofexperience into the classroom. Each faculty member is a professional in their respective field of expertise, and dedicated to giving students the resources necessary to help them make the transition from ‘student’ to ‘artist & performer’.

The Certificate II in Dance syllabus has several core subjects, and is supplemented by a range of electives. Classical ballet and jazz dance form the foundations of the course and provide introductory technical training in dance and other allied performing arts subjects.


CUADAN203 Perform basic jazz dance technique
CUADAN206 Perform basic ballet technique
CUADAN207 Perform basic tap technique
CUADAN208 Perform basic street dance technique
BSBWOR203B Work effectively with others
CUADAN201 Develop basic dance techniques
CUADAN202 Incorporate artistic expression into basic dance performances
CUAPRF201 Prepare for performances
CUAWHS101 Follow safe dance practices
CUAWHS201 Develop a basic level of physical condition for dance performance
CUFIND201A Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge

Qualification Description

This qualification is a preparatory qualification that allows learners to develop basic technical skills and knowledge to prepare for work in the live performance industry.

Entry Requirements

There are no skills pre-requisites, however, applicants are required to attend an audition in person. Minimum age is 14 years old.


Private auditions are conducted throughout the year and as limited places are available in the course, applicants are advised to audition at their earliest convenience.

Training Days

Part-time basis – Saturdays

Optional classes

Students may undertake additional classes to enhance their development as performers, including:

Solo Vocal lessons
Introduction to Acting
Song & Dance Classes
Contemporary Dance Classes
Basic Acrobatics
Piano & Music Theory Lessons

Additional fees will apply for the above lessons. Contact the Administrator for more information. These classes are optional only and are not formally assessed as part of the Certificate course.