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Established in 1987, Dance World Studios, a division of APO Arts Academy, is one of Australia’s premiere vocational arts training institutions. The Dance World Studios strategy is two-fold. Success is built first in developing raw talent, not only to meet industry requirements, but also to inspire and encourage students to achieve their individual artistic potential. The vehicle to take it to this level is our team. We are fortunate to have a teaching faculty of international & national reputations to deliver the course requirements, and instil a sense of integrity & inspiration to the students. Supported by an administration team with outstanding track records in arts management, we have broad understanding of the nature and dynamics of the professional industry.

Dance World Studios has emerged in a short time as a key player in the provision of artistic talent for a range of ballet & dance companies, theatrical productions & commercial events in Australia and overseas. On stage & screen, our graduate students are our ambassadors on a global scale. Dance World Studios is closely linked to a broader corporate entity, which includes the resources of Colors Events & Entertainment , APO Arts Academy, APO International Management and Pop Embassy Production and Recordings. These companies provide a synergy with the management and grooming of artists for the professional entertainment industry.

Executive Director & Founder

From the emotional lyricism of classical ballet to the streetwise, punchy dynamics of modern jazz, dance is art that transcends all boundaries. It has the power to communicate and express much about the human nature and our collective condition. Unrestricted by barriers of language or culture, it seeks to elevate and transcend both the performer and the audience. Beyond the special relationship struck on stage and the theatre, dance is movement accessible to us all, in some shape or form, and its universal history is as old and as fundamental as human civilization itself.

Dance World Studios was established in 1987 with a vision. This vision was to provide young people with an opportunity to realise their dreams through the founding of a vocationally oriented dance training institution. From this, time Dance World Studios has developed and grown and is now recognised as one of the leading dance training institutions in Australia, offering accredited courses in classical ballet and performing arts. With this growth, we have never lost sight of our basic mission: to train, groom and nurture the artists of tomorrow. There is an unashamed spirit at Dance World Studios in which we all participate and take pride. Whilst the studios and facilities are important, Dance World Studios is much more than the “bricks, mirrors and timber”. It is the staff and the students’ collective sense of dedication and commitment that makes Dance World Studios truly special.

During your time with us as a student we will teach you the art of dance and performance. We see this as a time to share with you a most important experience. A time to help prepare you for the rest of your professional career and beyond. We hope that the mark of success of our time together will be measured, not only by the quality of our performers, but by the type of artists and people they become.



Dance World Studios & APO Arts Academy is committed to offering training to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Entry is by audition and interview. The process is designed to investigate a candidate’s current and potential abilities, and their suitability for a career in the profession.


As part of our Code Of Practice, students enjoy the benefits of a faculty dedicated to the welfare and education of each student, an established process for the resolution of grievances and generally accepted safe dance practice, regardless of culture, gender, location, sexuality or age. All students have the right to education in an environment free of discrimination, harassment and injustice.


Lecturers deliver courses at a level of complexity comparable with the workplace and incorporate materials, resources and assessment tasks consistent with achieving this. Accordingly the standard of literacy and numeracy skills incorporated in the delivery and assessment of the courses are relevant to both the course and the workplace.


We are committed to providing a flexible and equitable process for learning and assessment in the delivery of our training.


Students’ results and qualifications are issued in a timely manner and in accordance with national guidelines. Student records are documented, kept confidential and securely archived and may be accessed on request in writing. Administration staff will undertake to provide studentswith guidance if appropriate and relevant to the Course or their training.  In some cases, students may be referred to other individuals or organisations, including qualified professionals who may provide more appropriate guidance or assistance in the circumstances.


In brief, we will not disclose any information that we gather about you to any third party. We use the information collected only for services that we provide and the information is shared with other organisations for commercial purposes unless otherwise stated. If a third party requests information about you, we will obtain your written consent prior to the release of any information.


We are committed to providing students, staff, contractors and visitors with a safe environment for work and study. Dance World Studios strives through a process of continuous improvement to fully integrate health and safety into all facets of its training activities. We promote Safe Dance practice based on effective communication, risk identification, assessment and control of hazards.


Dance World Studios is committed to promoting equal opportunity through established policies and procedures, eliminating discrimination and harassment and providing an effective procedure for redress. Those policies and procedures aim to promote fairness and equality and avoid unfair discrimination on the basis of gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, marital status, religion, political belief, sexual preference, age or othernon-relevant attribute.